The 2020 California Ballot Propositions, Explained

We explain all the arguments behind the twelve Calfornia state propositions. Check out our 2018 and 2016 editions to know what to expect (except we're redesigning it all).

This is up to you

  • Whether affirmative action should be legal again
  • Whether Lyft and Uber drivers are independent contractors
  • How commercial properties are taxed (that’s a big deal)
  • Whether cities can enact new rent control laws
  • Whether older folks can move with their property tax assessment
  • Whether we should get rid of the cash bail system
  • As if you didn’t think this election wasn’t already a BFD. Come October, when you get your mail-in ballot, you can read our summaries to understand the broad set of opinions, dive into the details, and come to your own conclusions.

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    P.S. Can't wait? Ballotpedia is a good and dense place to start.